IVM Group also provides in-depth scientific evaluations and agronomic assessment of sports fields assets. These assessments provide asset owners and managers with the information they need to better plan and manage sports fields to increase usability and the lifetime value of the asset.

Our agronomic auditing process is managed by a team of experts with extensive industry experience to analyse and deliver data specific to your fields. We are recognised as an industry leader in this space and have delivered over 2,000 audits across South East Queensland. We take pride in providing accurate information in a simple manner, which can be used to effectively plan for the future requirements of your facility.

Other sports turf consultancy services offered by IVM Group include:

  • Turf maintenance programs
  • Turf quality assessment and condition audits
  • Safety auditing, risk assessment and benchmarking
  • Surface assessment
  • Performance testing of both natural and synthetic playing surfaces