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IVM Group is a specialist vegetation management consultancy firm that provides cutting edge management techniques and services for natural and built environments.

Established in 2013, IVM Group brings together recognised experts, extensive knowledge of vegetation management and scientific research to provide clients with a selection of services that support the delivery of new solutions to conventional problems.

Based in Queensland, IVM Group services an extensive customer base throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific, including private sector clients, state and local government authorities and public utilities.

Our team of experts deliver specialised advice on the most sustainable, safe and cost-effective vegetation management techniques, as well as appropriate technologies needed to get the job done.

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Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) is considered an industry step change due to its science-based approach to managing green open spaces. Backed by award-winning research, IVM integrates existing mechanical techniques and enhanced cultural practices with the strategic use of plant health technologies to reduce risk, mowing interventions, labour inputs and asset management costs, while increasing safety and asset quality.

Manage your grass, manage your risk

This holistic management methodology promotes pro-active management of your environmental spaces through an in-depth understanding of a range of site and client-specific factors.

IVM Group’s approach moves away from traditional methods of mechanically treating a site, only to have to return and repeat the intervention within 10-14 days in peak growing periods. Our aim is to create sustainable outcomes to produce better quality green spaces, now and into the future.

Specialist consultancy services delivered proactively & COllaboratively

With more than 30 years of experience in the vegetation management sector, IVM Group provides independent specialist consultancy services on a range of environmental control matters. Our team of recognised experts deliver solutions and management outcomes for government and private-sector clients that improve the quality and long-term value of green assets.

IVM Group’s integrated approach produces robust strategies to improve overall species composition, reduce weed pressure, improve safety and reduce risk, whilst extending asset life and providing extended, long-term efficiency dividends to many clients.

We offer tailored consultancy and specialised advice on the most sustainable, safe and cost-effective vegetation management techniques, while determining the most effective technologies to get the job done.

Reducing costs, risks & work volume through
innovation in a number of sectors

IVM Group uses the latest in technological innovations for weed control in order to provide safer, greener and more cost-effective methods for the maintenance of community parks, gardens, reserves, infrastructure and road networks.

IVM Group is helping airports Australia-wide realise the opportunity for IVM programs to utilise proactive and sustainable management practices to make their airspaces as unattractive as possible to all wildlife, in an environmentally responsible way, through passive management techniques.

Managing grass airside helps to reduce wildlife strike risk, along with other secondary benefits, including:

  • Reduce the cost and frequency of mowing
  • Reduce FOD issues and management requirements
  • Drive operational efficiency dividends

IVM Group works with some of Australia’s leading private sector companies. Working with the sector’s key horticultural and environmental managers, we provide extensive specialist consultancy services on projects, both large and small.

IVM Group understands the issues private sector companies face and tailors solutions to meet the needs of our clients, ensuring we provide proactive, cost-effective plans and services.

Intensive mowing has been the predominant method used to manage green open spaces and roadways in cities, suburban and regional areas. Such practices are costly for the government sectors and need to be undertaken regularly in order to maintain a quality appearance, but can also have significant safety issues.

IVM Group assesses locations for an Integrated Vegetation Management program that can determine the densities of desirable plant species and introduce Plant Health Technologies (PHT) as an intervention to reduce the need for ongoing maintenance. This provides significant benefits by reducing the cost of management and increasing road safety due to the the lower volume of mowing activity.


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