Proactive and collaborative greenspace consultation


Current open space vegetation management practices are not sustainable – they are costly, time consuming and not environmentally friendly.

In response, we have developed our game-changing vegetation management practices, which include:

Audit—a full site audit to identify the existing vegetation, including a review of the current management practices.

Program – based on the information gathered during the audit, and in consultation with the client’s needs, we will create a program to address the site-specific issues identified to produce an outcome that addresses the KPI’s of each project

Monitoring and assessment—we will continue to monitor the results and assess the outcomes of the implementation plan and make amendments where necessary, based on situational changes.

Upon completion of the initial program, a full report will be provided. This report will form the basis of any ongoing programs.


IVM has a comprehensive knowledge of Australia’s plant and weed biodiversity and vegetation, and the factors impacting on its management and maintenance.

We work collaboratively with our clients to manage vegetation and achieve our clients’ goals.

We are specialists in flora and fauna surveying, mapping and monitoring, and can provide detailed ecological assessments.

Other services include:

  • Weed mapping
  • Rare and threatened species audits
  • Vegetation management plans
  • Long-term habitat restoration monitoring
  • Rehabilitation and restoration of habitat plans
  • Arboricultural assessments and reporting
  • Rapid plant and weed identification (ID) services
  • Tailored plant and weed ID resources such as field guides and fact sheets
  • Plant and weed ID training


We also offer independent research and development services to a number of clients. With a strong analytical approach, led by principal scientist Dr Sheldon Navie, IVM Group has an R&D team experienced in undertaking trials enabling products, methodologies and application equipment to be thoroughly tested in a wide range of environmental conditions. Specialising in the agricultural/horticultural product trials and application technology industries, our services include:

  • Privately-funded research projects
  • Collaborative government and industry-funded research projects
  • Pesticide and fertiliser evaluations for the chemical industry
  • Small plot to large scale field trials
  • Herbicide and plant growth regulator efficacy trials
  • Invasive weed spread research trials
  • Digital plant science sensing and monitoring technologies

IVM also draws on connections to the University of Queensland and Government Agencies including Biosecurity Queensland and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. These links have been established over many years of collaborative work and further establish our capacity to demonstrate the expertise required to deliver a project.


IVM Group also provides in-depth scientific evaluations and agronomic assessment of sports fields assets. These assessments provide asset owners and managers with the information they need to better plan and manage sports fields to increase usability and the lifetime value of the asset.

Our agronomic auditing process is managed by a team of experts with extensive industry experience to analyse and deliver data specific to your fields. We are recognised as an industry leader in this space and have delivered over 2,000 audits across South East Queensland. We take pride in providing accurate information in a simple manner, which can be used to effectively plan for the future requirements of your facility.

Other sports turf consultancy services offered by IVM Group include:

  • Turf maintenance programs
  • Turf quality assessment and condition audits
  • Safety auditing, risk assessment and benchmarking
  • Surface assessment
  • Performance testing of both natural and synthetic playing surfaces


Our small but highly experienced and capable team can deliver services at a lower opportunity cost than other firms or individuals. Clients gain access to one of Australia’s leading experts in weed identification, who has an incredible depth of knowledge on Australian weed species. Our training courses will also provide you with the practical skills and knowledge needed to recognise and identify plants, treat weeds, assist with landscape construction work and propagate plants.

  • Seminars, short courses and lectures
  • On-site staff training
  • Provision of articles for trade magazines and scientific journals