Brisbane City Council (BCC)

IVM Group’s Agronomy Team has been working in the field collecting surface and subsurface performance data to provide a snapshot of conditions on the day of testing and highlight any field characteristics that are below standard and require attention.

The measured and recorded values include:

  • overall turf composition, quality and health
  • weed content, total grass cover and bare areas
  • overall field levelness
  • drainage performance
  • soil profile characteristics
  • turf colour
  • surface hardness
  • sub-surface compaction levels
  • soil moisture content
  • soil sample testing, including all important elements required for good turf health
  • overall management, including analysing wear patterns and usage control (particularly in relation to excessive training around lights, goals and structures), line marking methods, irrigation system management, etc.
  • any safety issues requiring remediation.

A report is provided on each field, which is in simplified format so that it can be understood by the clubs that manage the fields. These reports highlight issues and include some basic recommendations on what amendments may be required.

In addition, council is provided with much more detailed data and information on each field on each field, which they can use to prioritise field remediation activities that aren’t able to be undertaken by the clubs.

Finally, an overall report on all the fields is provided. This report gives an overview of the condition of all of the fields that are managed by council, highlighting changes from year to year, so that improvements can be brought to light, and any negative trends can be addressed.

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