“IVM Technologies drive real industry change and deliver enhanced safety and operational efficiencies, something we couldn’t be more proud of.” 

IVM Technologies develops revolutionary technologies that improve the safety and cost-efficiency of vegetation management.

Our focus on innovation and design has produced a series of products that have changed the way government and the private sector manages vegetation and greenspace assets.

IVM’s Safety Capsule is a purpose-built road vehicle safety shell, used for the efficient control of roadside weeds. The Safety Capsule delivers cost savings and operational efficiencies, as well as greatly enhanced safety for workers and road users. To read more or purchase a Safety Capsule, click here.

Our patented DriftProof Sprayer, the world’s first certified ‘zero drift’ sprayer, is now an integral tool for best-practice turf management and the safe control of weeds and pests. To read more or purchase a DriftProof Sprayer, click here.