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  • New innovation firm ready to tackle $4 billion weed industry

    (July 8, GOLD COAST) A newly formed innovation, technology and consultancy firm based on the Gold Coast has launched to tackle the $4 billion weed problem that plagues Australia each year. IVM Group was formed after the sale of multi-award wining vegetation management company Technigro in 2013 and now aims to capitialise on research and […]

  • Myrtle Rust in Queensland

    Myrtle rust is a fungal disease caused by Puccinia psidii, and is also known as eucalyptus rust or guava rust in other parts of the world. It is native to South America but has spread to Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, USA, Japan and China. This disease infects plants belonging to the Myrtaceae plant family […]

  • Heat Stress on Turf

    During prolonged periods of drought, high temperatures and wind, there is the strong likelihood of heat stress on your turf. Not only can it be aesthetically unpleasant, but it can also be a starting point for other issues such as a higher incidence of weeds, an increase in water runoff, evaporation and enhanced soil erosion. […]